Temporary Heat available for the Seattle area at Tuco

TuCo Industrial Products specializes in sales & rentals of air movement equipment.  Whether you're a contractor with a large project and construction deadlines to meet or a homeowner that just needs to rent a portable air conditioner for the summer, we have a product that's right for you.  TuCo has been locally owned and operated for over 30 years and we are proud to serve as the Northwest's leader in air movement.

Portable Air Conditioning for the Seattle area available at Tuco
Temporary Heat rentals available at Tuco
Portable air conditioning for server rooms, computer rooms, corporate offices available at Tuco
Commercial Air Conditioners are available for any kind of event or need that arises. Contact TuCo today for a quote!
Dehumidifiers available for rent in the Seattle area at Tuco
desiccant dehumidification

Welcome to TuCo Industrial Products, Inc. Our mission is to improve the way homeowners, builders, and contractors manage to rent or buy heating and cooling services. TuCo is the Northwest’s leading provider of heating and air conditioning solutions.  Whether you are heating a large hospital or school under construction or just need heat for your party event, we have what you need.  Serving the Northwest for over 30 years, TuCo has paved the way organizations rent or purchase equipment to help manage their climate control needs – one of the largest components of corporate spending. By streamlining this process, TuCo helps companies of all sizes see significant business transformations, productivity gains,and cost reductions.


TuCo is the area’s leading distributor of temporary heat.  We stock propane heaters, kerosene heaters, diesel heaters, natural gas heaters, hot water/steam heaters, and electric heaters.  The range of our heaters peaks at 1.5 million BTUs.  They can be direct-fired heaters or indirect-fired heaters with the ability to be vented. Indirect-fired heaters, hot water/steam heaters, and electric heaters provide a dry heat, unlike direct-fired gas heaters, and will speed up your drying process. Customer services also include temporary heat and portable air conditioning sales, temporary heat and portable air conditioning rentals, equipment repair and maintenance, and fuel support for portable equipment.


We proudly serve the construction, industrial, commercial, special events, and homeowner industries.  We strive to be your preferred temporary heat and portable air conditioning provider by offering quality services and equipment with name brands you trust. Whatever your unique challenges, you're always dealing with the industry experts at TuCo. Please contact us for specific pricing and availability to meet your needs or Get A Quote from us by email!


We look forward to serving you!

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